ManageFlitter Business is 50% Off Till May 31st + Bonus Included!

ManageFlitter Business is 50% Off Till May 31st + Bonus Included!


As your leader in this fight to succeed on the Internet, I want to give you guys a heads about a deal that you guys can’t miss.

As a big fan and a loyal “paying” user of ManageFlitter, I received an email from the team that they have released a new version.

ManageFlitter Business


Although they offer a free version of their program, they are just too good for you to be using it free.

That’s why I bought the Pro version and love every feature that doesn’t exist in the free version.

Here’s how to buy it.


Step 1: Go to the “Plans” tab and click on it.



Step 2: Click on “Select Plan” for “Business” in order to purchase it.



This NEW version will become a staple tool for those who are looking to gain massive authority on Twitter.

Everyone is looking to get followers but actually only a few are getting followers.

Followers that are high quality and those who will engage with you after you have followed them.


My results speak for itself:

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Please Re-Pin! ManageFlitter Business is 50% Off Till May 31st + Bonus Included!


No, I am not gaining thousands of followers a month, but I am gathering some the best followers around on Twitter.

That arrow is going uphill and not going straight or downhill!

That’s what matters!

If you set full time into this type of work, I am sure you can gain thousands of followers a month and gain quality followers at the same time.


So let’s see,

Why should I consider going for the Business version?


That is question that only you can answer yourself since your situation is better known by you.

Guessing, many situations out there are not that positive and many of you are looking to get more positive energy out of your work.


Twitter is a trending machine and targeting trends is going to get you more followers and traffic!

It is pretty obvious that any trend that happen in this world, Twitter will INSTANTLY pick it up and have people talking about it.

Why not pick certain keywords in the trend and target them with your tweets?


What’s nice about the Business version is that it will reveals to you everything about a certain type of tweet, url, hashtags associated with it, and any word.

It analyzes everything about the keyword including how many times that tweet appeared per hour and per day.

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Please Re-Pin! ManageFlitter Business is 50% Off Till May 31st + Bonus Included!


It is easy now to find hot niches and see if the demand is there and if the niche is profitable to work with.


Maybe you are tired of your mess of “@” replies on your Twitter account!

I know, it can get overwhelming with all the replies.

I even wish to answer every single one of them, but I can’t.

And you know what really bothers me?

The replies that are important and ones I totally missed! 


With the Business plan, the new feature will sort your “@” replies neatly and in order based on “importance”.

So nice. Needed that!


So it’s all up to you from here on! Want to see more followers on Twitter and save so much $$ on an awesome program?

If you do, then the new Business plan suits you well.

Grab ManagFlitter Business plan now!


Because you guys are the best fans around and great fans of Internet Dreams, I am giving away two free themes for every purchase you make of ManageFlitter.

That’s right!

I will give you two beautiful themes from Beatheme of your choice, and themes that will make your blog look the best it has ever been!

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Please Re-Pin! ManageFlitter Business is 50% Off Till May 31st + Bonus Included!


The combination of both doesn’t get better than that!

Now you are equipped to get more followers and host your awesome content on a beautiful, blog design!

Just comment below, letting me know you bought ManageFlitter, and I will send two of your “choice” themes instantly.

Also one last thing, please share this article to your social networks and thanks again for reading!

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