You Want To Use Pinterest Like A Pro?

You know what is the next big thing going around right? The new social media site that has everybody talking about. Not quite used like a social media site, but totally relying on images and graphics of the web to add to their so-called collection.

You’re right. Successfully guessed that answer!


The one and only, Pinterest.



Of course that wasn’t so hard since it is in the first sentence you have read in order to get here. Pinterest has been the theme across many articles lately.

Everybody jumping into this pool of Pinterest. And why not. This site has many features it offers for you. With companies and organizations just feeding of the frenzy of the millions who are attracted to this “visual” based social site. Why not get your hands dirty in this.

One is the ability to choose pictures and images you like and “pin” them back to your boards, locating back on your profile.

These boards are collections of a specific theme and images describing that “specific” board. The boards are able to be customized with any image, and the boards being any topic such as, favorites, hobbies, or funny.

Many users go thorough endless boards and select certain images to repin them “back” to one of their boards, or simply just “like” that respective image. If you try that, it could literally take you hours to do that without you even “noticing” the time.


What am I to say how to use it? You have already probably been registered to the site, along with the almost 12 millions others.


But that is not the sole reason you have come to read this article. The article should teach anyone to be so good at Pinterest, that he or she could become pro.

Like anything in life, you have to spend significant time on it in order to “master” it or just get by for some results. But you don’t have all the time in this world. Hey neither do I. But I have written this article to help you save time and master this Pinterest “thing”.

Must have that “Pin it” button to your posts.

Nothing says about that Pin it button. So crucial. To show that you care about adding to the community of Pinterest, add that pin it button to your articles.


pin it


You are willing to give your own, “unique” content to be viewed by others on Pinterest. Some reader might just have many likes and followers on pinterest, and if he likes what you read then expect him to pin that article.

And you get your reward, depending on the amount of followers or interaction that user might have. And what a reward if he has all the qualities of a successful user on Pinterest.

If you are looking for a button to add to your blog, then visit this plugin to get it.

Must have that “Follow me on Pinterest” somewhere once on your site.

Just like having that pin it button to your posts, having this badge is needed to get some kind of followers.

It shows that you are on Pinterest, and would like to show others that you are active on the site. Also suggesting to follow your profile to get nice graphics from articles, and going to read through that “image”.

Write articles about Pinterest.

Nothing says more than writing articles about Pinterest. Write about it. It shows to your readers that your blog has knowledge and experience.

As we are talking about the article, don’t forget to add an interesting and unique picture to your article. Doing that is so important in order to attract others to “like” or “repin” your article on Pinterest.

As I am writing this article, you should do the same. As you learn more and more about the platform, take notes and  come up with ideas on how to use it better.

Also write about how to use it more effectively.

All of the points above are things you can do on your side. The side which is your blog or site. Now we will be talking directly on Pinterest.

Just “Like” many pins.

Like pins and the images which are on the pins. Probably the simplest thing you can do on Pinterest. Follow certain people, not many, and get the pins or repins they do on your Pinterest wall.

Go to other users and start liking about five or so “Pins”  really fast, and see them react to it. Many times, they just might follow you and get “one” more follower to your number.


like on Pinterest


Nothing of this should take long. Just like “five” or so pins from a new user, and “like” as many pins from the people you are following. That takes about “5-10″ minutes. That’s it.

You will see some great results just doing this simple tactic.

“Repin” as much as “Liking”.

Repinning should be used very extensively as well. But repin only from the users that you are following since you are following them for the content they are presenting. Only follow users if you do indeed like what they pin and repin.

Repinning shows more appreciation than just “liking” and you grab more attention by doing that. Make sure your profile has all the boards created, and repin the images that you really like or think that will help your profile look better.

Have many boards set up, and repin them back to the boards. The “repinning” should go along the liking you will be doing. When you have finished doing the liking, save another 5 or ten minutes to “repin” more pins to your collections.

Don’t get carried away with this part of the interaction. It can truly distract yourself, and time will not be on your mind. Have a  purpose and go get it done with the correct amount of time.

These two, are probably the most “powerful” features of Pinterest to gain on. These are the “bread and butter” of Pinterest, and how it functions to the core.

Add often your own “Pins”.

Don’t be lazy and add only the repins you see on Pinterest. Every time  you read an article that was informative or helped you, repin it to one of your boards.

If you find an image hilarious or have something you would like to share, don’t hesitate and share it on Pinterest as well.

Show that you care and post your “own” helpful content onto Pinterest for others to see. They are many people on Pinterest, and don’t think that they won’t mind.

I would add your “own” pins every other day, if you can. But don’t do it because you have to. Do it like you truly would love to share it.

Don’t have any empty “Boards”.

empty pinterest


Please don’t. If you do and don’t know what to add to it, just delete it . Simple.

If someone likes what you’re pinning” and decides to check you out, and they see boards empty here and there. Well, they will leave.

Make sure you have your profile looking the best as you can. Try to fill every one of them out, and add the best picture you think that will fit “perfectly” on that board.

Comment on a “Pin” once in a while.

Don’t forget we have mouths and can talk. Use that. To tell you the truth, not many comment in Pinterest, by the looks of it.

Go and comment on certain ones, say like once a day while you’re pinning. The user will really take notice and might take the action your are so dearly looking for.

Diversify your “Pins”.

Go around check out other categories. Choose and re-pin from as many categories as you can. Don’t be afraid to add other types of pins, but make sure your boards are set up in the order of importance.

Diversify you pins and show not only the same type of pin, over and over. People don’t like that, and I sure don’t either.

Provide value and choose what to pin. Don’t pin for the sake of it.


So you should have it. To become a Pinterest professional, do all of these steps vigorously every day. And I promise you that the results will flood your boat.

In order to use the benefits of anything online, time and work is the key. Articles like these will help you get what you’re looking for on Pinterest.

Please share and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest! Almost forgot!

Peace and Succeed!

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  1. Angela Jordan

    Those are great tips about Pinterest! Thank you for sharing! A lot of people miss out on the benefits of Pinterest and the traffic it drives!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thank you Angela!

      The benefits are amazing, and I wanted to share them through this article.

      Pinterest rocks!

  2. dave

    I did have a couple of empty boards that I got rid of.

    You mentioned something about the order of the boards.

    I would like to know more about how to control that.

    Next time I login to Pinterest I’ll have to take a look at that.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Good job, get rid of those empty ones.

      The order of importance basically. So say, what you pin the most or what you do should go first, then what you do less than that goes second, etc….

      What you see through your eyes as important.

      Hope that helps.

  3. Susan Cooper

    This is great. I do most all of these things but your idea about having a follow button for Pinterest is something I had not thought about. That is very cool. Thank you for that.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Yeah, it is important to have that “follow me” badge somewhere on your site.

      You’re welcome. I hope you will implement that in the near future. Thanks for reading !

  4. Patricia Weber

    In particular I like your comment about not having empty boards. What most annoys me about this is that people often FOLLOW me on Pinterest, I go to see their boards and there is – nothing. As you say, don’t do this! By the way, this board is my fullest on pinterest:

    Patricia from LinkedIn

    • Samuel Pustea

      So you see why not to have them? They just annoy people like you and me.

      I loved your board so much. Had to follow that one! :)

      Thanks for your comment, Patricia.

  5. Kay Lorraine

    It seems as though I am reading about Pinterest everywhere I turn these days. My problem is twofold:

    1. I write a blog that is NOT visual at all. It’s just endless streams of words, words, words. I don’t think that it is conducive to Pinterest. Am I right?

    2. I am so far below low-tech, you might call me no-tech-at-all. Is this something that I am just going to have to “get over?” Or can I still manage to be a productive member of society without having to learn all this stuff that doesn’t really interest me (although the RESULTS do interest me).

    3. OK, so I lied. It’s three-fold, not two: Is Pinterest going to turn out to be yet another app that only works for WordPress blogs. I’m seeing a lot of that lately and I notice that you have CommentLuv at the bottom of your page here, which won’t recognize my BlogSpot URL. Bummer!

    Kay in Hawaii

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks for your concerns, Kay. I will try my best to answer them.

      1. I firmly believe it is important to have a good-looking blog under your belt. Believe it or not, the internet is very visual, and if they don’t see that, then they won’t like. That is unfortunately what runs on the internet. Even blogger blogs can be customized to look better. Your choice.

      2. No way. You don’t have to a degree in tech. Such a big misconception. Learn some basics or something not too hard, and you will get the hang of it. Just learn little by little and you just get better.

      3. I am not sure. Pinterest is still very new and they haven’t really worked on many platforms. But I am sure that won’t stay the same for long.

      About blogger, please try if you can to move away from that platform, and move to WordPress. WordPress has a huge more load of benefits than blogger does.

      I appreciate your stop here today, and I hope you have learned something here today! :)

  6. Allen P.

    Thank you for posting this article. It’ll help me understand Pinterest more. I have just started using it! Thanks again.

  7. Bethany Lee

    I’m actually not a part of Pinterest yet. But you make it sound easy. I don’t have a pin button either so when I take time to add one, I know where to go for a link to it (thanks!) I don’t have a lot of original photos on my web, so I haven’t gone in the Pinterest direction yet for that reason (plus bc I know it takes time). But I’m getting ready to start adding more photos and I know I need to get into Pinterest soon. Have you seen it help your web stats?

    • Samuel Pustea

      It has helped pretty well with the stats. I do recommend joining Pinterest, and adding some of your photos to it.

      I don’t take much time on it, and am getting results that way as well. Just do all of these steps, but at a much faster pace.


  8. Shantha Rodrigo

    Very interesting article, Thank you for sharing. :)

  9. Athiban Raj

    Very nice article, thanks for the share, keep sharing…!!

    cheers :-)

  10. Blogzpoint

    Nice article on Pinterest :)

  11. Sanjay

    I have been noticing the rise in the use of Pinterest buttons in few blogs lately but I have not experienced it. After reading the article it kind of inspired me. No..seriously.

    But, gaining traffic from social networking sites have been always hard to me. Could you please, provide us tips or links if have posted about before?

    • Samuel Pustea

      Great! Be sure to use Pinterest now :)

      About social media, I will give you this tip. Be engaging as much as possible. Plus don’t be afraid to ask anyone to share you post or content.

      There! Gave you two tips. Thanks for reading and come back for more.

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