Top WordPress Plugins To Reach The Top!

Top WordPress Plugins To Reach The Top!


Want to reach higher goals with these top WordPress plugins?


You can. If you’re looking to succeed even more with your wordpress blog, this list of  wordpress plugins will make that a reality.

But where can I find these WordPress plugins for my blog?


Right here, where you’re at.  These top plugins made it to this list for a reason. I did not just randomly add them here. Each wordpress plugin has been analyzed and even recommend by you, who use the same exact plugins in this list.

Having the right tools and plugins at your disposal, makes the whole difference in the world. These top wordpress plugins, ranging from social plugins to analytical ones, makes your times less wasted based on what the wordpress plugins can do.

“But I can go to myself and look for plugins there?” Yes you can. And that is not a bad idea. But, not all top wordpress plugins exist over there.

Plus, how would it be nice to have all of the top wordpress plugins listed for you already in an article? No need to search endless hours for a type of plugin, just to see it is poorly developed and not working effectively for your wordpress blog.


That situation just causes more confusion and quickly becomes a bummer for you. You are using the best blogging platform on the planet, and there is no need to experience this type of agony. WordPress is a top-notch product worth investing these top wordpress plugins into.

WordPress is the best platform on the market. 17.4 % and growing of the top million websites on the internet, are using WordPress as we speak according to

The article, 7 Cool WordPress Plugins also published on Internet Dreams, has had massive success.

This article comes in as a new and updated list according to more research and the suggestions by you. Thanks!




12. AffiLinker

affilinker plugin


Affiliate links are very important to a blog’s strategy to make money. In order to make the income on your blog, you will need to add those links to your articles.
This plugin, AffiLinker, is all you would need to have full control of your affiliate links. What an awesome top plugin to have in your dashboard to set up your affiliate links for money!



11. ThemeStarta

theme starta plugin

Did you know that you can create your theme right from you dashboard? That is right..
This top wordpress plugin can all do that and make that theme that your blog desperately needs.
ThemeStarta can allow you to edit any them they have or just simple create your theme from scratch. It very flexible with its features and very easy to use.
It has easy build tools, unlimited image control, and many color schemes. Here are a couple of examples of their themes. Click on the image to go directly to it.





They have many more beautiful themes that can be right away used by you and get that design up a notch! You can check out more of their themes at this page.



10. GASP Anti-Spam

growmap anti-spam

GASP is the best anti-spam wordpress plugin on the Internet. Hands down!
Growmap has developed a plugin that will take care of all that spam that tries to infiltrate your blog.
It filters out all of the incoming comments very accurately and makes sure to separate the real commentators from the fake ones.
It is continuing to perform on a level that satisfies!



9. NextScripts

next scripts

NextScripts is the wordpress plugin to use for your help of posting your next article to all of your social media sites.
It is very important to add your article to all of the social media sites and get the most attention.
But that takes time!
No more. If you use NextScripts, the plugin automatically adds the article to all of your social media sites you specify.



8. SEO Ultimate

seo ultimate

SEO always comes into play if you are looking to receive traffic from Google.
Having an SEO plugin in your dashboard is necessary.
SEO Ultimate is an ultimate plugin that gives you control over title tags, noindex, meta tags, Open Graph, slugs, canonical, autolinks, 404 errors, rich snippets, etc…
Twenty of them!
So how can you miss this ultimate wordpress plugin?



7. Digg Digg

digg digg social sharing


Love that floating sharing buttons next to the article you read? I know I did, and was finally glad I was able to find a top wordpress plugin that would automatically do that for me.
This is a must have plugin and you will and cannot go without.
The floating bar is more effective (many causes and evidence) in getting the shares for others to see your article and for SEO purposes.
It is free, and will look just lovely on your blog. They will get you the shares that you are always looking for. No more problems with getting your article more socially “aware”.



6. myRepono



Myrepono is the best backup service on the Internet. If you are looking to back up your WordPress blog and are looking all over for the best service, then myRepono is the one for you.
What is nice about myRepono is it is also a wordpress plugin that can be installed to your wordpress dashboard, and completely control your backups from myRepono’s dashboard.
Internet Dreams uses myRepono and is a proud user.



5. Jetpack by


jetpack wordpress

What a multi-tasking plugin that can do it all for you! This top wordpress plugin comes directly from wordpress itself. They have supercharged this plugin with amazing features that can connect you to the main wordpress features.
All you need is an account with and connect your account to your dashboard side. It can track the visits, make security backups for your blog, extra sidebar widgets, and much, much more..
Internet Dreams is a proud user of Jetpack!



4. SlideDeck

content slider


Content Slider is a top wordpress plugin that does what its name says. You add a slider to your blog post, and it recommends other earlier posts to your readers in a “sideshow” manner.
This way, you can add it any where you want in the blog post, and it doesn’t have to be always at the end of your post. It gets your reader’s attention to some other posts you might want them to see.



3. MailPress


Mailpress is a fully developed top wordpress plugin from WordPress itself. It takes care of your mailing needs right in your wordpress dashboard.
The settings need to be configured to connect to your email account, and the plugin has themes and templates for your emails to look more professional.



2. Social Metrics pro

social metrics pro plugin

Marketing can take a lot of work and time!
Marketing is a staple action in growing your site or blog. It is a must since the marketing is going to bring you the cash and traffic.
Marketing/Promotion is going to take place everywhere online, including social media. That is where we will be looking at: Social Media.
Social media promotion is confusing and difficult at times.
But with Social Metrics pro, the plugin can literally take you by the hand and show you what is being shared the most and on what networks the piece of article is being distributed.
It tracks the social signals, and records them to the Social Metric pro Dashboard. Example of the Dashboard:


With all signs recorded, monitor your post through all of the social media sites.
You can now judge how well the piece of content does on all of the social sites, and filter out the networks that will share your content the most!



1. Optin Skin

optinskin plugin

The money is in the list!

Have you heard that saying before? I am sure you have!
With any blog, one of the first duties of it is to start building your email list.
Your email list is like the gold you are collecting. Your email list is Gold!
That is why you need Optin Skin. Optin Skin has gorgeous opt-in forms! Examples below:
top wordpress plugins


top wordpress plugin


top plugins

How can you miss those designs? Those designs would look so beautiful on your site, that it almost will make any one add their email to your list.

Optin Skin: The ultimate attraction for emails!

Internet Dreams uses Optin Skin and is a proud user.



Use all of them! Each plugin is unique in what each one offers and does, so you can’t have two identical ones.

These top wordpress plugins are geared to those that are looking to upgrade a feature of their blog. The plugins are also geared to those that have just started and are looking for a guideline of plugins to look for.

Whatever goal you have in mind, these plugins will help you achieve them. The top wordpress plugins from the list are of very high quality and produced with prominent development.


Thanks for reading and please share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest!


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  1. Kharim Tomlinson

    Awesome plugins you got here Sam. I have a few installed on my blog, like the Opt-In Skin and also GASP via the CommentLuv premium.

    I am gonna try out the Anti-Virus so to make my blog more protected.

    Thanks for the post and the time for putting the list of plugins together.

    • Samuel Pustea

      You’re welcome Kharim. Thanks for your input.

      I am glad I was able to put this list together.

      OptinSkin is such a neat plugin, and that is why I added as the number 1 plugin to have :)

      • Kharim Tomlinson

        That’s nice pal.

        I have used it on my blog and currently using it now and I am seeing an increase in my mailing list subscribers. :)

      • Samuel Pustea

        Wow, awesome to know. Great feedback from you Kharim.

        I need to get OptinSkin myself very soon. That plugin is the best and it works too!

      • Olawale Daniel

        Hey brother, one of the plugin link on ShareaSale is inactive. Please go through each links and confirm they are Okay….

        I mean @Samuel. Take care :)

      • Samuel Pustea

        Ohhh… I see.

        Thanks for letting me know Olawale!

        Really appreciate that! :)

        Will fix asap!

  2. Yogendra

    A great collection of WP Plugins. I liked especially Social Media Pro & Antivirus Plugin. May be used in future.

  3. Mairaj Pirzada

    Post was nice only, but not included the Plugins I use or Most Bloggers use! :P You must add the plugins for Comments!

    • Samuel Pustea

      I can’t list everything. Some bloggers use crappy plugins that don’t work. Thanks for your input.

  4. Shadab

    I never knew about mailpress, it is really good and want to try it. Thanks for this share.

  5. Simmeon

    Hi Sam,

    Gravity Forms can be Super powerful when used in conjunction with other things. I’ve been able to create some beautiful form for projects.

    Content slider looks nice, I’ll check it out.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Gravity forms is definitely the one going to be used on Internet Dreams.

      It is great to know you are having great success with it. It tells me more that it is the best form plugin out there.

      Thanks Simmeon for your input.

  6. Mariella Lombardi

    Hi Samuel,
    thanks for this awesome plug-in list. It is not often that you can find such a comprehensive one. I’ll make sure to check out all the recommended plug-ins. I am a big fan of Commluv and found it to be extremely useful.

    • Samuel Pustea

      No problem Mariella. These plugins were selected exclusively by me. The plugins are the top ones!

      Commentluv is another very useful plugin.

  7. Bryan

    HI Sam
    nice post
    you have listed some very useful WordPress plugins. I am using SEO Ultimate on my blog .. I will check out some of the other plugins you have mention.
    Thanks for sharing this useful list with us

    • Samuel Pustea

      You’re welcome Brian.

      Check out some other ones. These are some of the top plugins you can definitely use.

      Thanks for reading.

  8. Kazzit

    WOW! Great list here for effective plug-ins for 2012; I will probably replace my SEO Yoast to SEO Ultimate SEo Plug-in;

    I’ve prefered Yoast from All in one SEO because it Google doesn’t read the meta in All-in-one;but then I realized still in yoast it don’t read the meta as well; hope thisulitmate SEo works.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Right. The meta tags are not that really important anymore.

      I use the all-in-one SEO plugin, and I love it.

      Thanks for reading!

  9. Jonny Hardwick

    Hey, superb WordPress top list bro! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Martin Cooney

    Well, I must say I use completely different plugins for most of the ones you list, Samuel. And everyone is different with differing needs.

    I prefer SEO by Yoast and GASP is already a part of CommentLuv Premium but GASP is a must-have component to keep those pesky Spammers away.

    I tested MailPress and found it quite bloated and have elected to go with Wysija – weird name but works a treat for me.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Each one’s list might have different names, but as long as they serve the purpose and have good ratings, it shouldn’t be a problem.

      GASP is included part of the premium version of CommentLuv, but if you don’t have the premium version, you can always get it for free separately.

      Thanks for your input.

  11. Jane

    Optin skin is a neat plugin and a winner in my book. I started using it only recently and love it! Thanks for putting this list together Sam!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Absolutely! That is why I have listed OtinSkin in the Number 1 Spot.

      Glad to see you are using it effectively.

      Thanks for visiting Jane :)

  12. Dilawer Pirzada

    No, it’s not that, for your wordpress seo you should use wordpress seo by yoast.

    Check what seo by yoast can do?

    I’ll not agreed with ultimate seo All in One!

    • Samuel Pustea

      You don’t have to agree man. The All-In-One SEO plugin works excellent for me.

      I don’t see the need to only use one specific plugin. If one finds everything he needs in one, then he is happy with that one.

      Plus, I have included Yoast’s plugin in another post.

  13. prabhat

    nice list but where is wp supercache and seo by yoast. i use digg digg and gasp. and i think GASP is much better than Akismet. thanks for sharing this post

  14. Charles Daniels

    I’m not familiar with a couple of these. Going to have to check them out. You prefer the SEO Ultimate over the All In One pack?

    • Samuel Pustea

      Check them out bro.

      Both plugins that you have mentioned could be mentioned as “top”.

      I just added SEO Ultimate in this list since I added All In One plugin in my other article.

      Thanks for your comment Charles.

  15. Chadrack

    Must confess that I’ve never really heard of most of these plugins. Yes, I’m presently using about 3 of them but I must agree that these are truly top plugins.

    I’ve just downloaded Mailpress and NestScripts. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Shalu Sharma

    Very good set of plugins, I need to get my head round and get some of these plugins myself and use them in my blogs.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Shalu.

      See if any of them looks appealing to you. Plus try some of them :)

  17. Naveen

    great list of plug-ins indeed for every wordpress sites, I like Antvirus for WP.

  18. Ann

    Thanks yet again, Samuel. You always have great lists. I appreciate you doing all the hard work.

  19. Ahsan

    AntiVirus for WP is a new plugin for me. I’ll use these in my blog. Thanks for adding valuable plugin

  20. Lynn Brown

    Samuel: Who doesn’t love a list & particularly a list that enables us to do more, be more productive & achieve great online success! Thanks so much for sharing your list. Can’t wait to try a few and can attest to the value of a few others!

    • Samuel Pustea

      You got it Lynn!

      This List will exactly do what you mentioned about success.

      Please try a few of them and let me know how it goes.

  21. Angela Jordan

    Great list Samuel! I always enjoy reading the lists you compile. I have heard of and have used some of these plugins, but there are some I haven’t and I would love to try!

    • Samuel Pustea

      You’re welcome Angela.

      You have heard a few new ones that are clearly the top ones to use!

  22. Anil Agarwal

    Some of plugins mentioned here are new to me. I’m going to give a try to them and lets how much they help with my blog promotion.

  23. abhishek

    Really nice collection bro,i am surely gonna try some of these plugins :D

  24. Tuan @ TechWalls

    Actually some of the plugins are not necessary such as the antivirus one or form management. Some of the features have already been integrated into WordPress frameworks now.
    Anyways, this is a great list. :)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Really Tuan? The antivirus one? I have to look up that one.

      I know WordPress has included forms to the framework, but they sure can’t beat gravity forms in functionality and design.

      Thanks for your comment.

  25. Rohit Roy

    AntiVirus for wordpress is a very nice plugin, i liked this plugin.
    awesome plugin collection

    thanks Samuel thanks for sharing this post….:)

    Rohit Roy recently posted –

  26. Bharat

    Great list, I have been using a couple of plugins mentioned in this list. Will try my hands on other ones also.

  27. Ehsan Ullah

    Hey Samuel,

    Nice list of plugins bro. I’m using 4 of them on my blog as of now and I’m soon going to buy Optin Sking plugin.

    CommentLuv and Growmap is my favorite plugins among this list.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Good to see you use top wordpress plugins for your blog. :)

      Optin Skin is one of the best plugins out there and I am using that plugin currently. Love it!

      Thanks for your comment Ehsan.

  28. Karen

    I have to say for me, GASP is a brilliant plugin and now that it’s part of CommentLuv Premium it’s probably one of the ultimate plugins for any blogger to have installed.

  29. Maris King

    Nice plugin list. I’ve always wanted to try Optin Skin but still don’t have the chance to have it!
    Been using some of those plugins but my favorite is the GASP Anti-Spam

    • Samuel Pustea

      Excellent, Now is your chance to try Optin Skin :)

      Thanks for your comment Maris!

  30. Vivek

    That’s really great list. I have used optinskin ( and many problogger also use them ), but what I found was : It was increase my page-load time by 0.8 seconds ( that’s too much for a plugin ).

    I am really interested in themestarta. I will surely use it..

    Thanks for your post..

    • Samuel Pustea

      It hasn’t for me.

      I use Optin Skin, and it hasn’t affected my speed. I don’t now what else plugin you have installed.

      Themestarta is a unique plugin.

      Thanks for your comment, Vivek.

  31. Robert Koenig

    I also like Zemanta for quick and easy photos that relate to my posting. Gotta have those images for the short attention span of readers right?

    • Samuel Pustea

      Images are important Robert.

      You’re right. It is important to add them.

  32. Jungleads

    great compilation of usefull plugins iam already using some of the wp plugins you mentioned here but will definitely looking forward to try others.

  33. Vincent

    This is very helpful. WordPress has an impressive back-end. Thanks for sharing these plug-ins!

    • Samuel Pustea

      WordPress as a content management system is the best on the web!

      My pleasure to share this list with you, Vincent.

  34. WirelessMash

    Wow, that was a cool list. I was just wondering from where you get these images. The one at the top :-)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Wireless Mash!

      I get the images from and then edit the image in Photoshop.

      That image at the top is one I edited. It is nice! Right? :)

  35. Rajesh Namase

    Digg Digg and Jetpack are my favourite plugins, going to test SlideDeck to create slider. Thanks for such nice plugins list.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Digg Digg and Jetpack are definitely one of the best!

      Thanks for the visit Rajesh!

  36. rahul

    hey wow. Nice article. Very useful :)

  37. Tim

    For those who find it difficult to add content to your site but are very active on social media, you should check out this WP plugin my team and I created. It’s called Tint, and we help aggregate social feeds into your site so you’ll always have a more dynamic and less static site.

    Check it out here:

    • Samuel Pustea

      That is really cool Tim!

      It looks like a great plugin and can definitely make your more engaging and less static.

      Thanks for stopping by and making sure to share this plugin with us.

      That is the point of this article is to share good plugins around :)

      • Tim

        Awesome, if you want to give us a try, go right ahead.

        If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to email me !

      • Samuel Pustea

        Ok, Thanks!

  38. Ankit@Android

    I was looking for a good subscriber plugin. Thanks for informing about optin

  39. Saurabh Nagar

    Great list, these are not the usual list you come across on the internet, for someone starting up his blog its really useful!
    Bad thing is that jetpack cant be used in china as wordpress is blocked! Cruel World :(

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Saurabh!

      I made this list as unique as possible and different from so many other lists.

      The list of these wordpress plugins can be very useful for a beginner.

      Too bad about wordpress in China. :(

  40. MNB Achari

    Great collection of plugins. They are worth buying. Content slider is just amazing but a lot of customization should go into it.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Some are worth buying and most of them are free :)

      The paid ones are totally worth it though!

  41. shafeeq

    actually my blog is hosted in
    so any how can use these plugin ? or any other widget or codes is there?

    • Samuel Pustea

      Man, get on wordpress :)

      You can never go wrong with going on wordpress, plus you can get so many amazing plugins such as these on there!

  42. Vishesh Kachheda

    What A Collection Samuel!
    I Will Install and Explore Them Right Now :)
    Thanks For These Plugins ;)

    • Samuel Pustea

      Collection is great right?

      Install a few of them and see how it works.

      Thanks for commenting.

  43. Ian Said

    Great list, Samuel.
    I’m using a few of these already but will check out Optin Skin and Content Slider. Thanks Ian.

    • Samuel Pustea

      Thanks Ian!

      Nice to know you are already using some of the top plugins in this article.

      Sure, try Optin Skin and see if it works for you.

      Thanks for the comment!

  44. Gaurav Chawla

    Awesome post on plugins. I am not familiar with any of plugins. Well I have to check these, hoping that some of them do benefit my blog. Thank you for sharing this.

  45. Claire Georghiades

    A great list, I don’t think I’m currently using any of these plugins, but I am keen to give them a try to see the effect on my business blog. I am especially interested in whether Optin Skin could work for an accountant!

    • Samuel Pustea

      Claire, do you own a blog?

      If you do, then Optin Skin will work perfectly for you.

      Thanks for the comment!

  46. Kajal

    Hey Samuel,
    I have been using Social Metrics pro plugin but that does not fulfill my needs planning to switch but had no understanding about these plugins. Now surely I will be able to choose the correct one. Thanx for sharing.

  47. Raymond

    Wow, that was a cool list. I was just wondering from where you get these images. The one at the top :-)

  48. Jesse

    Great collection of plugins. They are worth buying. Content slider is just amazing but a lot of customization should go into it.

  49. Raymond

    Plus, how would it be nice to have all of the top wordpress plugins listed for you already in an article? No need to search endless hours for a type of plugin, just to see it is poorly developed and not working effectively for your wordpress blog.

  50. Tamas Boruah

    Great collection of WordPress plugin, i don’t even know them all. Thanks for letting us know.

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